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The waterfalls of Sarnano: along the Via della Cascate Perdute route

waterfalls sarnano

If you are in the area of Sarnano we highly reccommend making a trip to the waterfalls, also called by the locals Cascatelle di Sarnano. In total there are three waterfalls:

– the Antico Molino waterfall
– the lu Vagnatò waterfall
– the Cascatelle waterfall

The waterfalls can all be found following the route Via delle Cascate Perdute and are all located near the historic center of Sarnano are the three waterfalls. It is a very easy ring route, just under 6km long, with very little elevation gain (average 80m) and with only one short steep section. The route can be walked all year round with closed non-slip shoes and is suitable for everyone: children and adults, young and old. It took us two hours to complete the route, but we also stopped to take pictures along the way. We also reccommend taking swimming gear with you, because in the summer it is great to take a refreshing dip or sit in the stream.

waterfalls sarnano

It is best to park at Largo Bozzoni and start the route from Piazza Perfetti, the panoramic terrace of the historic center of Sarnano. From here you can reach the Antico Molino waterfall in about fifteen minutes. There are three large parking lots along the route:

– Largo Bozzoni, very close to the historic center
– in the area of sports facilities in via Scarfiotti (near the Antico Molino waterfall)
– one in the artisan area of Morelli. (near lu Vagnatò waterfall)

The route: Via delle Cascate Perdute

the waterfall route

The Antico Molino waterfall

waterfalls sarnano

From the piazza, walk to Via Buozzi, along the Largo Decio Filipponi. When you reach the walls of the historic center, take the descent on your right, which will lead you to the sports facilities of Palasport.

Leave it on the left and go down Via del Colle, in the direction of the Piano district. On the right you see the school Alberico Gentili. Walk along the tarmac road until you see the signposts on the right for the path that will lead you to the river bed.

Please note: this is the steepest part of the walk. On the way you will come across the ruins of the old water mill, half hidden in the undergrowth. You reach the waterfall via a wooden walkway.

The lu Vagnatò waterfall


From the Antico Molino waterfall you can walk to the Lu Vagnatò waterfall in about half an hour. For this you return to the sports facilities on the asphalted road. At the intersection with Strada Provinciale 78 Picena, turn left. Here you have to pay attention to the traffic.

Pass the Sarnano slaughterhouse and cross carefully at the pink house just before the bridge. Take the dirt road that passes by the house. After a few meters you turn left at the intersection.

On the left you will see a small church (now private) dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto. You are in fact on a stretch of road that belongs to both the Via Franciscana delle Marche and the Via Lauretana, two beautiful pilgrimage routes in Le Marche.

Cross the small bridge in front of you and take the path on the right to the Lu Vagnatò waterfall. The name of this waterfall is derived from an expression in the local dialect, which refers to the fact that there used to be a kind of large pool upstream of the waterfall, where the young Sarnanesi liked to swim.

At the bottom of the path you will find an old basin used by women to do laundry, while on your right a path was carved down to the riverbed and takes you right in front of the waterfall.


To your right there is a small cave from which another stream of water flows, which further enhances the fairytale character of this place.

The Cascatelle waterfall


From the Lu Vagnatò waterfall you can walk to the Cascatelle dei Romani in less than half an hour. Return to the wash house and from there take the narrow path up through the trees, which will lead you past the last houses of the hamlet of Morelli. Follow the signs along the road.

From the Cascatelle you can walk back to the center of Sarnano (a walk of about half an hour) or continue on the hiking trail that leads to the Pozze dell’Acquasanta and the Pellegrino waterfall.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


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