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Why visit Le Marche and where is it in Italy?

where is le marche in italy

When people ask us where we come from we often run into some problems because a lot of people don’t actually know where Le Marche is in Italy. We often laugh because we also didn’t know about this hidden gem before visiting the first time. That’s why we decided to write a bit about where exactly Le Marche is and what makes it so special.

Where is Le Marche in Italy?

Le Marche is a region in central Italy overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Its capital is Ancona, a port city with a rich historical and artistic heritage. The Marche borders the regions of Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia-Romagna, Abruzzo and Lazio, as well as with the Republic of San Marino, almost entirely included in Emilia-Romagna. Le Marche has quite a bit in common with Tuscany and Umbria – including rolling hills, many of which have Medieval villages atop them – but there are far fewer tourists in this region. And that may be just what you’re looking for.

How to pronounce Le Marche?

A lot of people still say Le Marche with hesitation because they are not sure on the proper way to pronounce it. Well it’s easy, just pronounce the ‘ch’ like a ‘k’ and end it with a ‘eh’, so it’s [leh markeh].

What is Le Marche known for?

Le Marche is a beautiful region in Italy, where you can enjoy nature, culture and gastronomy. It is a versatile destination that has something to offer for everyone. You can relax in the green hills, authentic villages and quiet beaches. But you can also be active, for example by walking, cycling or kayaking in the Monte Conero National Park. Or you can immerse yourself in the rich history and art of cities such as Urbino, the birthplace of Raphael and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Urbania, known for its ceramics, and Jesi, the city of Emperor Frederick II, the Sanctuary of Loreto, a destination for religious pilgrimages, the Frasassi Caves, among the largest in Europe, and the Monti National Park Sibillini, a natural paradise for nature and sport lovers. And of course you can’t miss the local specialties such as truffles, olive oil and wines. Le Marche is a region that will surprise and enchant you. It is an ideal place to spend your holidays!


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