About Us

Family-owned holiday rental agency based in Le Marche

Ciao! We are Monique de Veer and Robert Hofsteede and together we run Le Marche Explorer, a small-scale, personal agency for holiday accommodations, activities, tips and blogs in and about Le Marche.

We used to work abroad as engineers for development aid projects. As students Robert worked in Sri Lanka and Pakistan for his thesis and practical period. Meanwhile I, Monique, choose India and Argentina. As a family we lived in an oasis in Egypt, we settled in the African bush in Tanzania, to leave it again for Zimbabwe. When the children grew older, we went to look for a place to settle down. This was not that easy as having lived in the most amazing places, doing very satisfying work, we wanted our children to still have the space, the nature, the freedom, they grew up with and for ourselves a job which always has new challenges.

We found all this in Le Marche, and after more than 20 years, we still live and work here with great pleasure!

In 2000 we bought Azienda Cerqueto and started renovating it. After two years Azienda Cerqueto was nearly finished. Azienda Cerqueto is where we live and where our offices are. Robert is a in Italy registered estate agent (agente di affari in mediazione) with registration and is member of the Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents (FIAIP). He started his own real estate agency called Marche Property Net. Monique has specialized in holiday rentals with her company Le Marche Explorer and managing building projects. She has extensive experience with demonstrably results. In other words, the restoration and renovation of your property in Le Marche is in good hands.

We wish you a benvenuto in Le Marche.


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