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Hiking in Le Marche: Lame Rosse and Lago di Fiastra

lago di fiastra

Are up for some hiking while on holiday in Le Marche? Half an hour to an hour from most holiday homes and apartments of Le Marche Explorer you will find the Lame Rosse, a “mini grand canyon”, and the Lago di Fiastra, a mountain lake. A nice day trip consists of an early start in the morning with a hike to the Lame Rosse and then lunch at one of the many restaurants near the village of San Lorenzo. Followed by a refreshing dip in Lago di Fiastra.

Active walk to the beautiful Lame Rosse

lame rosse

In the north of the Monti Sibillini, close to Lago di Fiastra, are the Lame Rosse. The Lame Rosse are one of the most fascinating places in the Sibillini Mountains. They are formations in the form of peaks and towers composed of gravel and held together by clay and silt. These are also often called the Canyon of Le Marche.

The hike

The walking route, back and forth on the same path, is 7 kilometres long with a height difference of 250 meters. Therefore, this walk is suitable for most people. The walk starts at the large dam of the Lago di Fiastra. On top of the dam, you have a beautiful view over green gorge and the beautiful blue water of Lago di Fiastra. You can park your car at the dam. At least if you don’t start the walk too late! Then you walk to the end of the dam and go through a tunnel. After the tunnel you continue up the path and start the climb.

The beginning of the path bends to the right and not much later you walk on the path along the gorge. After about half an hour you will be walking sheltered on a forest path. You might run into a mountain biker during your walk on a Sunday morning. When you arrive at the fork go left. The trail climbs slightly further and after about an hour and a half you arrive at a dry riverbed. From here you walk in the sun and continue up the riverbed. Very soon you will see the first red rocks appear!

Tip: Take enough water with you for the journey and wear good walking shoes!

  • Route length: 7 km (2.5 hours)
  • Difficulty: medium

You can easily combine the walk with a visit to the beautiful mountain lake of Lago di Fiastra. Here you can cool off in the fresh water, rent a canoe or sup, or just relax on a rug with a good book. Directly on the lake is a small bar (Verde Fiastra). There are several ‘coves’ around the lake where you can park the car and descend to the lake by stairs or path.

Refreshing dive, supping, canoeing, swimming, and sunbathing at Lago di Fiastra

Lago di Fiastra is a crystal-clear reservoir and is located in the northern part of the Monti Sibillini. The lake was created when a large dam was built and the flow of the river Fiastrone from then on passed through the hydroelectric power station in Valcimarra. Dominated by the ancient town of Fiastra, with its medieval castle ruins and the sanctuary of Beato Ugolino, the lake is famous for its crystal-clear waters. The nature here is breath taking and invites you to take beautiful walks.

Light blue, dark blue, turquoise, sapphire, emerald green, and cobalt blue, there are many shades that appear due to the always changing light. The bank on the left side is very steep and therefore not very accessible. The right side is much flatter and there is a beautiful path that is comfortable for cyclists and walkers! In addition to enjoying the beaches or secluded bays, there is also the possibility to go supping, canoeing, and rent pedal boats to really see the lake in its full glory. Furthermore, hiking, rafting, paragliding, and boat trips are organised by Gaia!

Hike along the lake

Enjoy a walk around Lake Fiastra. The walk starts in the small village of San Lorenzo al Lago. From there a nature trail departs to the dam. The trail starts relatively flat and then winds about 3 kilometres further along the shore of the lake. Enjoy the beautiful view over the lake or on the other side the steep rocks during the walk. From the dam you can walk the same path back to the starting point. During the entire walk you can enjoy beautiful views, crystal clear water and, if you look closely, swimming fish. Remember to bring your swimming gear so you can take a refreshing dive, rent a canoe or sup, or just relax on a towel. Directly on the lake is a small bar (Verde Fiastra) where you can get a snack, a drink, a beach bed or eat a pizza or ice cream at one of the other spots near San Lorenzo.

Do you want an active holiday in Le Marche, Italy?

Are you curious about the other activities in the area such as mountain biking, ballooning, chef in villa or do you want to know more about hiking in Le Marche? Then click here! You can also book one of the holiday apartments of Le Marche Explorer and come and enjoy this special authentic piece of Italy with us.

NB: Before starting the hike to the Lame Rosse we recommend checking with the local park authorities


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