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Christmas Recipe: Pandoro with Nutella and Mascarpone

Pandoro with nutella and mascarpone

Don’t know what dessert to make for Christmas? Then try this delicious Pandoro with Nutella and Mascarpone that they make in Le Marche!

We all know the famous Pandoro. Every Christmas dinner or lunch cannot be considered as such if the Pandoro does not appear at the end of the meal. Pandoro is a typical Italian Christmas cake. Star-shaped and with a soft and compact dough, with a smooth consistency and a full and velvety taste. A fun way to serve it here in Italy is to add Nutella and mascarpone to it! This recipe is so simple as no baking is required, and it’s guaranteed to be a hit at parties. The best part? The shape looks like a Christmas tree!


  600 gr mascarpone
  250 gr Nutella


1. In a bowl mix the Nutella and the mascarpone. It is easier to mix if the Nutella is soft and easily spreadable. If you notice that the Nutella is too hard you can add the Nutella to a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for approximately 30 seconds.

2. Cut the Pandoro into 7-8 horizontal layers with a serrated knife, starting from the bottom and ending at the top.

3. Start with the first (bottom) layer of the Pandoro. Add the mixture to it. Rotate the next layer of Pandoro slightly, so the points don’t match. This will give it its Christmas tree shape. Repeat for all layers.

4. Finish it off with the powdered sugar (this is normally included with the Pandoro).


When ready to cut the Pandoro with Nutella and mascarpone, start at the top but cut in slices only down 3-4 layers. Cut this whole tier into slices. Then start on the next set of layers, and cut in the same way.

Decorate the Pandoro with whatever you have at home and you can even ask the little ones! You can use whipped cream, chocolate chips, flowers, and much more.


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